Good morning.


Small Nation of a European country rely on your spiritual support = CAMEO (in time of the census).


Our Nation, Litvins, are the indigenous inhabitants of the country, which is now called Belarus.


We try to keep something from our culture (as Gascoigne in France or Swabians in Germany).


A good many call Belarus 'Europe's last dictatorship'.


We live in the difficult circumstances. Since 1840, our language, our constitution, our religion, even the name of our country was banned. We returned our native language and national flag after the USSR collapsed in 1991. But the Dark Ages came again in 1996.


This sounds incredible in the 21st century, but our Nation still does NOT have ANY university or college with their native language of instruction, our flag has been banned, the Belarus's authorities destroy the graves of hundreds of thousands litvins (!) (they were killed by Stalin during repressions in the 1930s ) ...

And all this is happening in Europe!


October the 4th, 2019 is the date when the census started in Belarus.

The current government is making every effort not to register the indigenous Nation under the authentic name - Litvins.


But recently, the Litvins began a spiritual and intellectual upsurge.

We have erected several monuments to our heroes (Thaddeus Kosciuszko, etc.) for donations from the whole Nation. We managed to create an American football team with the name AFT Litwins. We managed to protect some of the graves of the repressed (Kurapaty).


We urge our Nation through social networks to stop being afraid and begin to register as the indigenous inhabitants - the Litvins during the census that has begun.


We believe that the path to the future worth living lies through the respect for the past.


We believe that the oppression of indigenous nations is unjustified and wrong in the 21st century, even if they are not that large.


We do not ask anyone to do anything.

The existence of our Nation depends only on us - this is our work.


We ask our Nation about only one thing ...

- We are Litvins and We Still Exist.


If you deem possible

If you agree with the statement that it is wrong to demand a person to renounce the past of his Nation

If you think that all Nations (regardless of their number) deserve the respect for their traditions and culture


Then we ask you to express this idea by ANY WORDS and by ANY EXAMPLES.


Please declare that:

The census in Belarus has started on October 4th, 2019


Say something in support of the LITVINS NATION


Of course, only if this is in line with your beliefs, and you consider it possible to declare so.


If possible, please end your promotion with the phrase:


American football team "Litwins"